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It's Time to Change The Frequency

They say kids are the future, but we disagree. Teens are the future. They are the next humans to inherit our planet, to impact culture, and to navigate through the difficult challenges ahead. They face an existential threat that no other population has been born into. These big feelers and deep thinkers are destined to become the next gamechangers and paradigm shifters in our society. At the Cicada Institute, we recognize that emotionally gifted and spiritually talented adolescents are on the journey of potent self-actualization.  Through ancient wisdom, environmental education, mental health services, permaculture practice and experiential learning, we facilitate distinct learning experiences to help each person become who they truly are and to live out their purpose in service of others. We believe that nature provides the perfect place to unplug from external influences and tune in to the most authentic  version of oneself. We believe that the traditional high school experience does not do enough to foster the magic in these teens, so we are. It's time to shift the paradigm to a more just and sustainable world. It's time for the Cicadas to rise up and gather. It's time to change the frequency.

Change The Frequency Festival & Fundraiser

It takes a village to raise a teen and we are that village. All of us at Cicada rely on donations from supporters like you. People who believe that teens have the power to shape the future and believe in giving them the tools they need to do so. We are a 501c3 non-profit that receives tax-deductible donations of all sizes, big and small, to provide online, in- person and hybrid programming. Please show your love for the brilliant souls out there looking for practical answers to existential issues, the innovators out there ready to change the climate change game for the better, the pure lights out there ready to create collaborative communities and the teachers out there ready to put in the good work. Donate today.

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