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The Cicada Institute provides holistic, accessible mental health services to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ youth ages 13-25 . Therapeutic offerings are based on the principles of eco-therapy, psychological self-regulation, indigenous wisdom and communal interdependence. ​

About Us


We do much of our work in St Petersburg, Florida - where Founder and Executive Director Sylvie Silva lives and provides therapy services for at-risk youth at no cost due to the the generous donations from within our Cicada Institute community. 

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And in this next year, we are cultivating a new home for Cicadas to grow and thrive in the mountains of Marshall, NC! 


Check out details on Level Up Carpentry Camp July 2023!

Services Offered

Postive Mental Wellness Curriculum

Self-Regulation and Self-Worth

Therapeutic Support 

  • One-on-one donation based weekly counseling services

  • Donation-based monthly group work

Nature-Based Education

Holistic learning, based on the principles of :

- empowerment

- environmental activism

- multi-generational wisdom

- community service

 - psychological self-regulation


Empower students :

- to lead their own recovery

- build long-term, sustainable and resilient communities

- combat the effects of climate change through innovation. 


Community Service

Free online classes such as :

financial adulting 101

healthy boundaries



In person wilderness camps such as:

courage camp

earth warrior training

Get out. Get Real. Go Wild

Meet Team Cicada

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