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The Farmer and The Yogi( NY,NY) - Sunflowers will be planted in your honor. The really big, bright, happy ones.


Mary B. (Sheffield, MA) - I am so honored you were our first supporter. I cannot wait to give you a private tour of Cicada.


Brianna K. (Steamboat, CO.) - Plump, delicious mulberries will be planted in your honor.


Emily T. (Eureka, MT) - Elderberry will be harvested in a toast to your health.


Mark M. (Seattle, WA) - We can't wait for you to visit!


Ana E. (Sydney, AUS) - You are an excellent example of "being the change you wish to see in the world". Thanks for your commitment.


Maren C. (Boulder, CO) - Medicinal Mullen will be planted in your honor. 


Jenni C. (St.Pete, FL) - Your son gets a free semester at Cicada.


Randy R. (Atlanta, GA) - I am inspired by your passion and commitment.


Molly L. (Boston, MA) - Teacher by teacher, education is rebuilt.


Christina L. (Largo, FL) - You get it. 


Sue S. (W Bend, WI) - Dandelion will be planted in your honor.


Sarah F. (St. Pete, FL) - A cedar tree of graciousness will be planted on your behalf. Thanks for your constant giving.


Eric J. (Boulder, CO) - To All Things Being Possible.


The DeChard Family - (Tampa, FL) - Bees will be kept in your name. Sweet sweet honey abounds!


Angelia M (Boulder, CO) - Marigold will protect the garden on your behalf.


Lara R. (Denver, CO) - A Moringa tree will be planted in your honor.


Sam Solie (Portland, OR) - "Those that more forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out." - G. Hinckly


Alex Haas (Denver, CO) - "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." N. Mandela


The Fitzgerald Family (Asheville, NC) - Hops will be grown for you.


Misty W. (Tampa, FL) - Your heart is exemplary.


Zuyapa J. (New York, NY) - High five. You are awesome.


Laura P. (Sarnia, Canada) - A dance has taken place in gratitude. It was a sweaty hip-shaking kinda groove.


Julie Anne H. (Boulder, CO) - We will hang one of your photos in our shrine room. Pick which one.



                                            Wanna make the shout out board?

Any small donation gets your words and our praise up on the site. Bonus love gets you flowers! 


      $ 40,000 raised so far!

        Whoop Whoop!

Shoutouts to Our Donors!!

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