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Cicadas Rising

You may have heard the periodical Brood X Cicadas are emerging this summer after 17 years underground. The East Coast will soon be a buzz with undeniable Cicada energy -marked most noticably by their shrill song.

To me, that sound is not shrill as much as an overpowering and thought-disturbing high frequency , and I quite like it.I wait excitedly for the first choruses to emerge and become giddy when I find a discarded exoskeleton hanging on a tree. It excites me because I know some being who has been living underground ,in the dark isolation, for quite sometime, just got thier wings- and they won't hesitate using them.

We too have been living like Cicadas, underground, isolated and unsure if and when to emerge. Some of us long before the pandemic hit. Subsisting on occasional nourishment for our weary and lonely soul, just waiting for the right time to be called to community.

Now is that right time.

Just like the buzz of the Cicada searching for a mate, some of us feel a strong pull to sing our own truest song in order to attract others with the same high frequency, to embrace our deep nature and bring forth all the wisdom gained from being buried for 17 years.
I'm here to encourage you to do it.
For those long buried underground, your voices demand notice and will undeniably change the frequency. You have been preparing for this moment for a long time, and you are so necessary and needed. I can't wait to hear what your truest vibrations sound like dancing on the summer breeze.
For those bothered by the disruption it is causing, just remember, it's good to be disturbed by these tones and these times. It means your paying attention. It means you are not attached to how you want things to be, but are willing to accept the hear and now ( I couldn't resist) and let your normal pattern be disrupted. To know this summer as a singular and special moment- and to feel blessed to be a part of it.

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